What is AHA ?

A.H.A. (which stands for Artists Helping Artists) is an art studio collective where individuals of all abilities and skill levels are encouraged to come together to make art of all kinds! 

We provide artists with studio space, affordable materials and the opportunity to pursue their aspirations concerning artistic expression.

A.H.A. believes art is a vital element in tolerance and inclusion and a large percent of our membership is made up of artists with complex needs.

Registration is open to any person over the age of 16 who would like to create art or who would like to support artists in the production and marketing of art.

No  art experience necessary


Dennis Aiello



A yearly membership is $50.00 CAD and includes many benefits.



If you don't want a yearly membership, the daily drop in fee is $5.00 CAD



Your first visit is always free so that you may see the space, find a comfortable spot and see how you enjoy it here at AHA.

The benefits of yearly membership
  • Access to paints, brushes,  easels, paper and more!​​

  • Subsidized canvas & specialty paper pricing​​

  • Opportunities to have your work sold at shows and through our online shop​​

  • Discounts on workshops​​

  • Ability to vote on items concerning the studio at our AHA AGM's​​

  • Access to online programming 

  • AHA Monthly Art Kit

  • Access to a bright, beautiful art space with lots of natural light and tall ceilings.

AHA Membership Forms



To be as inclusive as possible, we keep our yearly fees low so that individuals of all socio-economic backgrounds can enjoy our beautiful studio and get their artwork out into the world! Because of this, we are always looking for donations of all kinds!

The best part is - any item over $10 with its receipt can be given a tax credit!

(gift cards excluded, unfortunately )

Currently Looking For...
Jewelry Making Supplies

Lots of our folks want to make necklaces, earrings etc but we lack the actual metal parts!

Our folks love coffee and hot chocolate, so donations of either are always appreciated!

Small Painting Canvas 
Painters/Duct Tape

(think around the size of a piece of printer paper or smaller) of any brand!

        Air Dry Clay

We have a real love of AIR DRY clay here at A.H.A. Especially the Crayola brand!

The one that works best is from Home Hardware! (we find dollar store brands don't hold very well)

Polymer Clay

We have a lot of fun projects coming up that involve Polymer Clay - all colors welcome!

Coffee/Hot Chocolate